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18th May Update Part #1

Dear Backers,

First of all, our sincere apologies for the late update. We are putting together a comprehensive update for you and it has unfortunately taken us longer than expected to do that.

We would like to start off by thanking everyone for your support to our Qube campaign as we marked the end of our pre-launch sales.  We expect to officially start retailing in September in our online store and every order onwards from now will only be fulfilled in September. From 16th May till 30th August, it will be delivery. Pardon us the slight delay as there are some critical agenda that happens across April, but goods news, all is almost done and ready.

What has happened over April?

Quality Control

We are also glad that vigorous QC testing have been done and completed, and all bulb are switched on 24 hours before passing our QC test. In December last year, we decided to give backers an upgrade option to 1,000 lumens.  Please note that the bulb turns slightly hot when you turn it to max power at 1,000 lumens, but we still decide give the flexibility to users with higher needs. Most users should go around 800 lumens at norm and we manage to maintain the bulb around 60 degree, hence it should not be too hot and more LED shelf life is preserved. All bulbs manufactured are already tested completely in terms of its broadcasting antenna strength, power check and lighting efficiency.

Bug Fixes

Over the past month while manufacturing, we found some bugs internally while testing the software and firmware. We are working hard to rectify them and are holding off shipping until everything is perfect. Nonetheless, we videoed a live demonstration of Qube on 17th May, and we hope you like it! Please give us some time as we look to deliver a product that is of the highest quality to you. Having said that, it should be out real soon.  

The video can be found here:

Some issues we faced includes:

1.       Our bulb respond quite slowly to commands from the phone when the load is high

2.       As we build several new features along the way, some commands are not properly recognized properly by the phone

3.       Here are some of new features which are built to allow more flexibility for expansion and automation

a.       Transitional effects between colors

b.      Dim – during a particular time (9pm to 6am), you can set a dim filter to the lights, so that when you turn it on, it will not be too glaring

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