Qube is designed to automate your lightings to create your ideal smart home AND at an affordable price tag.


  • Syncs with weather

    Qube™ syncs with the weather app to alert you of

    the rain before leaving home





  • QUBE™ Moods

    Whether is it a dinner date, birthday party or a quiet time of reading, Qube™ mood always has the right lighting for the occasion.




  • Concentrate Better

    Qube™ helps you concentrate better with the

    right lightings you set.







  • Features

    Well-designed features to suit all your smart home needs




    QUBE™ Sense

    Qube™ Sense detects your location

    within the house to create automations

    on your lights effectively.



    QUBE™ Notifications

    Qube™ Notifications notifies you

    through your lights when you

    receive a call or a message on your



    QUBE™ Moods

    Qube™ Moods always has the right light setting for any occasion, whether it

    is a dinner date or birthday party.



    QUBE™ Schedules

    Qube™ Schedules sets your lights

    to gently wake you up in the




    QUBE™ Remote

    Qube™ Remote connects 24/7,

    allowing you to access your lights

    from anywhere in the world with

    internet access.


    QUBE™ Energy

    Qube™ Smart Bulbs are designed

    to last up to 50,000 hours or the equivalent of 27 years.


  • Mobile App

    Coming soon in..



    Qube plans to revolutionize the way lights are used at home. Qube’s flagship product, the world’s most affordable smart bulb, creates an unforgettable experience that will change the way we enjoy ourselves at home.


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    Delivery in Summer 2016.

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